The Tiny Chef
tiny [ty-nee] 
–adjective: very small;
chef [shef] 
–noun: any cook

School Holiday Cooking  Workshops

*The Tiny Chef has amazing classes that run on the school holiday to get the 

kids out of the house 

Kinder & School Excursions

Social Groups 

*Enjoy Companionship, Cooking & Eating In   A Friendly Environment

Kitchen Hire...

At The Tiny Chef, we host  Cooking Parties that cater for a variety of ages and skill levels. 
Children will learn the basics of cooking such as to measure,
pour, mix and stir, as well as some kitchen safety tips, all whilst preparing a delicious meal they will enjoy at our cooking classes in Essendon. 

We encourage children to discover and create using food at our cooking classes for children.

It's an original and fun way to celebrate special occasions all sessions are filled with interactive, hands-on cooking and delicious fun!

You supply the Chefs ......... We'll supply the rest

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